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Fresh Delicious Dumplings

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Growing up having ShengJianBao(Pan-fried Soup Dumplings), people would have it as a snack after school, have it for breakfast, have it as a meal. People would get it for any occasions, it is everyone's comfort food. 
Having ShengJianBao is a fulfilling experience. Some go for the soup, you take a nip, steam comes right off the Bao, it's the moment of love and hate, whether you would go ahead take a sip on the hot soup without burning your mouth. You struggle, but the dive into the savory soup, lets you forget about the 15 minutes you have spent lining up for it, or the line that took longer, because the person in front of you just bought a bulk order,  you waited even longer.
It was all worth it. 
Some go for the dough, fluffy, airy and moist on the top, as you turn the Bao, you are rewarded with a crunchy crust at the bottom, not too thick, the perfect crispness and Crunchiness that comes in harmony. Kungfu is not just a martial art, it is what Chinese people refer to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete.

Making ShengJianBao is kungfu.


In bringing the same experience, acquiring techniques from masters in ShengJianBao making in Shanghai, we bring you the greatest Chinese comfort food, ShengJianBao. 
We cook the food that satisfy our taste bud, make sure we bring you the same experience to indulge the same pleasure we have had growing up with.
We never use MSG, we believe the use of heart in doing everything matters more than anything. 
We cook the ShengJianBao that let's you remember the taste and experience of having it.